My chessies are selfconfident, friendly and get along well with strange people or dogs! They all live with us in the house which they enjoy very much! Therefore I often have to vacuum......

Chess is not with us anymore. Very sudden and unexpected she died in July 2010 at 14 years of age. She was my first chessie and we miss her a lot!

Taff is the typical "British" gentleman and always anxious to be there for us! He is an extreme friendly and spirited nature! His working passion makes him sparkle!

Ticket even thou grown up she sometimes still behaves like a youngster! She enjoys working and is patient on the job.

Some chessies do need time to mature!

Bruno Taff Ticket Chess

For further information please click onto each head or visit the photo page.

Our dogs' pedigrees are issued by the DRC (Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.)  or KC (Kennel Club/GB) recognized by the VDH/FCI. Should you decide to get yourself a puppy make sure that the pup's pedigree is also recognized by the VDH/FCI. Only then you can be sure that what's written "on there" is "in there", too!



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