Cheslabben Joint A.D.Venture
1996 - 2010
Winterhavens Flash of Hope  X  Cheslabben Good Golly
February 09
Our "old" lady died at the age of 14 in July 2010. We are very sad, as her sudden death was unexpected for us.

Chess enriched our family and our lives very much! Until almost to her last days she was strong going, still always the boss of the "gang". She was a typical chessie: intelligent, easy to handle with a cheerful stubborness! She was an excellent mother and has given us smashing puppies!

Chess, we miss you very much!
FW: sg, 58 cm, HD: B1, ED: 0/0, eyes: PRA/HC/RD clear 2002
Tests: BHP; WT, AZP, JEP/s